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Joseph Gurgis

Joseph Gurgis, PhD
Assistant Teaching Professor
Ontario Tech University
Faculty of Health Sciences

Joseph Gurgis is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Ontario Tech University. He earned his doctorate in Exercise Sciences from the University of Toronto, where he explored Canadian sport stakeholders’ conceptualizations and experiences of Safe Sport, along with their suggestions for advancing it. Following the completion of his Ph.D., he carried out a one-year postdoctoral fellowship at Cape Breton University, investigating the sport and coaching experiences of Indigenous coaches. His research primarily centres around Safe Sport and coach development, with a specific focus on exploring psychosocial determinants impacting equity-denied populations. Beyond his academic role, he is an active practitioner, serving as a Coach Developer for the Coaches Association of Ontario and a member of the Safeguarding Advisory Committee for Nordiq Canada. Further, he played a pivotal role as a content developer for the Coaching Association of Canada, contributing to the development of initiatives such as Safe Sport Training and NCCP Creating a Positive Sport Environment.