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About us

Created in November 2020 and located at Université Laval, the Research Chair in Safety and Integrity in Sport (SIMS) would like to respond to an important need surrounding the issues of safety and integrity in sport, namely research and knowledge transfer. Composed of researchers from various backgrounds, the SIMS Chair aims to be a hub for empirical knowledge on this issue and a place for sharing and exchange with the community.


To prevent violence in sport (VIS) by mobilizing a partnership to support the production and mobilization of knowledge on this important societal issue.

This theme will deepen, broaden and expand the current knowledge of VIS to guide the search for solutions.

Development, implementation and evaluation
This theme will allow for the implementation of promising interventions to prevent VIS and to test their effectiveness.

Knowledge mobilization and transfer
This theme aims to promote knowledge transfer both in the scientific and professional communities and to the general public.

  • Jacinthe Dion, Full Professor in Clinical and Developmental Psychology, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
  • Jana Martic, Advisor on Public Health Research and Evaluation, Department of Public Health Planning et Development, Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux
  • Mathieu Béland, Director, Direction de la sécurité dans le loisir et le sport, Ministère de l’Éducation
  • Mireille Gourde, Advisor in Research Valorization and Technology Transfer, Vice-president of Research, Creation and Innovation, Université Laval
  • Sylvie Parent, Chairholder, Full Professor, Department of Physical Education, Université Laval
  • Anabelle Viau-Guay, Dean, Faculty of Education, Université Laval

Chairholder’s message

Photo de Sylvie Parent, Titulaire de la Chaire SIMS

As in many places, we are witnessing a collective awakening to the issues surrounding the safety and integrity of participants in sport, as well as a real desire to create a practice environment free of violence. In order to prevent and intervene in this regard, we have a tangible need for knowledge in this area. As Chairholder, I intend to ensure that the Research Chair in Safety and Integrity in Sport (SIMS) plays a leading role in the fight against violence in sport. I also hope that the work we are doing and will do in the future will be guided by a concern for meeting the needs of the community. It is through the mobilization of an exceptional multidisciplinary team composed of renowned researchers, community partners and experienced students that we will be able to achieve this. By forging this alliance between research and the community, we will be able to achieve our common goal: to make sport a healthy and safe environment so that it can play a fundamental role in the lives of our youth and have the desired impact on their growth, development, and fulfillment within society.

Minister’s message

Photo de la Ministre Isabelle Charest

The safety and integrity of Quebec athletes are at the heart of my concerns. In the current context, where the public has become increasingly aware of stories of abuse, harassment, neglect and violence, the creation of the Research Chair in Safety and Integrity in Sport at Université Laval is another concrete step to which the Gouvernement du Québec is contributing to and through which we are helping to prevent and counter violence in all its forms.

Dr. Sylvie Parent, a Professor in the Faculty of Education at Université Laval and a renowned specialist in violence in sport, is deeply concerned about violence in sport. With this Research Chair, she is committed to documenting the phenomenon of violence and identifying risk factors in order to develop, implement and evaluate preventive measures in the area of violence in sport.

I would like to thank Dr. Parent and her team for implementing a project that is so valuable to me. It is through initiatives such as this that sport in Quebec can thrive in safety and integrity.

Isabelle Charest
Ministre déléguée à l’Éducation
Ministre responsable de la Condition féminine

Signature gouvernementale - Gouvernement du Québec


The team of the SIMS Chair is composed of researchers from various disciplines using diverse research designs. The multidisciplinary nature of the research team allows it to provide innovative insight into the issues surrounding safety and integrity in sport. The SIMS Chair includes high-calibre researchers, students, and research professionals, from Quebec, Canada and abroad.