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Implementation and effectiveness of a sexual assault prevention program for female students in a university setting (French version of the Enhanced version of Assess, Acknowledge and Act; EAAA): Are the settings ready and is the program effective when multiple risk factors are present?

This project will provide a snapshot of the reality of sexual violence among university athletes. It will also:
1) assess campus readiness for EAAA implementation
2) assess the level of EAAA implementation of five critical aspects (i.e., fidelity, dosage, quality, appreciation, reach)
3) determine if the effects achieved in the real-world setting with respect to five types of sexual violence are similar to those achieved in the RCT for all participants
4) determine the conditions.

Researchers: Isabelle Daigneault, Sylvie Parent, Martine Hébert, Jacinthe Dion, Karine Baril, Manon Bergeron, Christian Dagenais, Geneviève Paquette, Charlene Senn

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